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How to Make Your Own Inspirational Poster

For the new year I made myself a poster to inspire and inform me for the coming day. I read it every morning and try to take something of value from it with me into the day. I use it to help me keep a positive attitude and to set myself up to look at things in new and different ways. This is part of my new routine to make a more adventurous and compassionate me. I choose to group everything on my poster by 5. So it is 5 things to start my day, 5 things I want to do, 5 things to do every day, 5 things to stop caring about, 5 of the Dali Lhama’s 18 rules, My Goal for the day, 5 stress relievers, Fav 5 inspirational quotes, and the 5 favorite photos I’ve taken. I have had several people who really like the idea so I decided to write some instructions so that people could make their own. I encourage everyone to use their own ideas and change it to fit their own personality. Maybe instead of photos you want your favorite songs. Don’t be afraid to make this your own. Here are the instructions for how I made my Inspirational Poster.

  1. The first step is to find yourself a background. I used a picture I took of my dog in one of our local parks. I used a dslr camera for this so the size of the picture is 18mp at 27″ x 31″ in size. Yours doesn’t have to be that large, but it should be as large as you can get it. I made my poster 24″ x 36″ which is standard poster size. For a back ground of that size you need the picture to be as large as you can get it. If you use your standard 12mp point and shoot your photo will be 11″ x 8″ and you will need to blow it up from there. Remember that as you enlarge the image you will lose picture quality.
  2. Next I started a new project in Adobe and chose the canvas size of 24″ x 36″ and made the canvas transparent. I created a new layer and named it background.  I made the layer 65% opaque. This way it is not going to compete with what I put on the page. Then I opened my background image and cut the image out and pasted in the new background layer. I adjusted the size and moved the picture to where I wanted it on the canvas.
  3. Next I created a new layer and called it Title. I used the text option and picked my font and size. I also used the bold and underline feature. I put the title of my poster at the top of the canvas. In my case I called it My Personal Inspiration Poster.
  4. At this point I put a grid on the page to help me evenly space things out.
  5. Again I used a new layer I called this one 5 things to start my day. Using the same font in a smaller size and with the underline on I place my title for the first grouping. My 5 Things to Start My Day.
  6. I want to take a moment at this point to talk about layers. Every time I start a new text or place a new object on the page i use a new layer. For each group title I called the layer by the title. So 5 things to start my day, 5 things i want to do, 5 things to do everyday, etc.   For each thing in the group I named the layer by the group and number. So 5 things to start my day 1, 5 things to start my day 2, etc. This way if I need to go back and edit text because of a typo I know which layer to high light to do that.
  7. So at this point I start putting things in each group. Again the same font just smaller and underline turned of for each group entry.
  8. You will continue on like this for each group title and group entry until all the information is entered.
  9. At this point carefully proof read it. I would suggest you have someone else to proof read it as well. Its going to cost a tidy sum to print and laminate so you want it perfect before you hit the print shop.
  10. Save the file as a jpeg. It will be readable by every ones computers regardless of where you go to have it printed. Then save it to CD so you can take it with you.
  11. Take your CD to your print shop and have them print and laminate it. I took mine to Staples because, I know they have a printer big enough and they can laminate it. I would suggest that after its printed to let it sit several minutes so the ink is dried. After the ink dries ask to see it before lamination to make sure it is exactly what you want.
  12. Some of you maybe asking why have it laminated. I had it laminated because I have a section where it says Goal of the Day and underneath that it’s blank. By laminating it I can use a dry erase marker and fill it in each day then erase it at night. This is because my goals change daily. For instance on a day I have a Doctors appointment my goal maybe, remember your list of questions. Don’t leave until you are satisfied with the answers.

That is how I made the poster. I have plenty of time on my hands so if you do not have the time or a program similar to Photo Shop I can make the poster file for you. All you have to do is leave me a message in the comments section with your email so that I can talk to you and get to know what you want on your poster.


An Important Week

This is Me. Born Aug. 22, 1971 with Pulmonary Atresia

February is Heart Disease Awareness month. More importantly this week from Feb. 7-14 is Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Awareness week. It’s an important week for me and many of my friends. Its our week. We get to bombard you with facts and statistics about CHD and you get to listen.

So here it goes one out of every one hundred children are born daily with a CHD. That’s one every fifteen minutes. Due to technology and advances in surgery more children are surviving into adult hood than ever before. In fact for the first time ever there are more adults with a CHD now than children. But it’s not enough. Even with all the advances made in the treatment of CHD still nearly twice as many children die of a CHD every year than all the childhood cancers put together. CHD is the number one birth defect world-wide. There are thousands of children born every year with a CHD.

Still with all the children and adults living with a CHD there are few people out there that have heard or know about it unless it has actually impacted their lives. Because of this there is very little funding for CHD. This past year was the first time that our government set aside money to research CHDs.

So those are the facts now let me tell you what living with a CHD is.

  • Taking medication daily and having to miss school and playing with your friends because, you had to have open heart surgery.
  • Being tired or not feeling well, but not wanting to miss out on time with your friends or family.
  • Your gym teacher telling you that your out of shape and lazy and that’s why you can’t catch your breath. And telling you, you’re not really sick.
  • Having people you meet think you’re lying to get sympathy.
  • Having to explain what the scars are from and then having to hear someone say “well luckily they managed to fix your heart” and knowing that isn’t true.
  • Not being able to go kayaking with your fourteen year old son because your to tired and short of breath after loading the kayaks on the car.
  • A life time of knowing that those that love you are worrying about you constantly.
  • A life time of taking medications and knowing that at some point in the future your going to need another surgery because, replacement valves don’t last forever.

CHD isn’t all bad though because it’s also these things:

  • Never taking life for granted.
  • Learning that your capable of more than you ever thought was possible
  • Learning that courage doesn’t mean not being scared. It means doing what needs to be done regardless of how afraid you are.
  • Having a greater compassion for those that are truly in need of it.
  • Knowing what true friendship means.
  • Taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.
  • Finding new ways of doing things.

In all I think having a CHD has made me a better person, despite all the negatives. Because the on thing CHD truly is, is finding positives in the negatives.

Please click here to see the people who are affected by CHD.

To end with I want to dedicate this particular blog to a little boy who passed away this past week 1/28/2012 at 19 1/2 months old. Adam Sallee. He was born with HLHS and received a heart transplant just over four months before his passing. Fly High Adam you will be missed.